Come on, a year is not too soon to wait for this! This is a V E R Y  B U S Y semester for me!


New VP?

September 4, 2008

I’m really impressed with Sarah Palin, John McCain’s pick for VP. At first I was like, what? But she was so … up, so enthusiastic, so attractive. Then I heard her talk and I was like, whoa. This girl plays with fire and doesn’t get burned. I like her! What a powerful ticket, McCain and Palin. Finally, a team I can believe in.

How did I do it?

June 30, 2008

Most of you are very curious about blogs; what are they??? Perhaps you have also wondered, as I did (even though I majored in computer science, har har)–how are they made? by high-tech gurus?  in web heaven? Or, on my more energetic days, how do I get one? would I have to travel, like, 90 bazillion miles or pay, like, 90 bazillion dollars to get one? Well I have a nice surprise for you my pretty little buddies. You have only but to go to and you will — get — your — own — blog — for —  FREE!!!

I know, I couldn’t believe it either! I am an inveterate surfer (as all of you on my group mail list know, ha ha ha) so I come across all sorts of arcane matters (no, I haven’t reached the end of the internet yet although I have heard rumors that Eddie has! more on that later) and one day, in one fell digital swoop I found actually embedded in’s rotund harvest of blogging information.

I’m off to the blograces and I’m not looking back!

More tomorrow on setting up that web site I was telling you about last Thursday (I know I said I’d update every day but I lied, what did you expect, egg in your beard?)

This is to announce the upcoming website:

My Big Fat Venetian Wedding

starring those fun folks,

Rachelle and Fede ! ! !

Check back later!

Black Rabbit